‘My Christmas has been ruined’

Thursday, 22 December 2016

‘My Christmas has been ruined’ thumbnailNatasha Galbraith, pictured after her right eye was accidentally glued shut at the Causeway Hospital, during a visit to have a small injury treated.

A COLERAINE mum claims her Christmas has been ruined after a nurse accidentally glued her eye shut.
Natasha Galbraith attended Causeway Hospital's A&E department after a sit-up machine snapped as she was exercising at home and struck her on the face.
The mum-of-two arrived at the hospital at around 9.30 pm last Wednesday (December 14) and waited about 45 minutes to be seen.
While a nurse was applying a paper stitch to the wound above her right eyebrow 30-year-old Natasha says the special medical glue trickled into her eye.
“I was sitting up at the time which increased the risk of the glue dripping into my eye, I've been told I should have been lying down. There was a bed in the room but the nurse didn't even suggest it.
“I felt the warm glue stinging my eye. When it dried my eye stuck together and I couldn't open it. My two daughters were at the hospital with me at the time and they were traumatised when they saw the state of me."
Natasha was so concerned she returned to the hospital on Thursday morning.
She recalled: "I saw a consultant but he said there was nothing they could do; he said he was sorry and I should keep bathing it. He told me the glue would dissolve in around five days.
“It looks worse now than my original injury which was a little open cut. I had been making plans for Christmas with my family; now I'm dreading it. "I remember the nurse was shaking and I was told by another member of staff later that she was inexperienced. I know accidents can happen but she showed absolutely no compassion. I can't bear to look in the mirror now; my Christmas has been completely ruined."
A spokesperson for the Northern Trust said: "The Trust acknowledges that the care Ms Galbraith received was not of the standard we would expect and would again apologise to her for the pain and discomfort experienced.
“The Trust would encourage Ms Galbraith to contact the Service User Feedback Team with her concerns.
“Complaints are taken very seriously in the Trust and are seen as a significant source of learning, providing an opportunity to improve outcomes for services users, the quality of services and service user experience."


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